Rest in Peace ...ESMA REDZEPOVA - TEODOSIEVSKA ... Šutka-Skopje, 8 August 1943 - 11 December 2016

Esma Redzepova, fostered 47 children, internationally known Macedonian Roma singer.

Esma Redzepova, fostered 47 children, internationally known Macedonian Roma singer.

Check out this resource for information on Slovakian Roma:

Great documentary on tvo about the roma and other refugees

Ratna Omidvar is the co-author of "Flight and Freedom: Stories of Escape to Canada," documenting the journeys of 30 refugees who settled in this country. She is joined on The Agenda by three of the subjects from her book to discuss their experiences, their unique gifts and Canada's changing attitudes and policies toward refugees. FEATURING ROBI BOTOS

The Agenda with Steve Paikin

The Story of Toronto's Gypsies



The origins of the Roma by Ronald Lee

The people who later became Roma originated in Northwest India and were part of the Rajput Confederacy in North-Central India in what was then called Gurjara. In the first decade of the 11th Century CE, this area was invaded, plundered and gradually subjugated by invaders from Ghaza in what is now Afghanistan. These vassal states of the Ghaznavid Empire were then forced to pay annual tribute to Mahmud Ghazni, the ruler of Ghaza. This took the form of precious metals, farm produce and war elephants among other items including Hindu soldiers from the Kshatriya Cast. (read more)


Myths and facts about Roma by Ronald Lee

Myth: Roma are nomadic and have no fixed address.

Fact: In Eastern Europe, the vast majority of Roma are sedentary. In the former Communist countries, Roma were settled and turned into an urbanized sub-proletariat. Large numbers of Roma have been sedentary for generations in Hungary, Slovakia, Rumania, the former Yugoslavia, Poland, the former Soviet Union and elsewhere. In Western Europe, Roma have traditionally followed commercial nomadism but many are now settled. In Spain, Roma have been settled since the 16th century. The concept that Roma are nomadic is a myth that does not stand up to the historical reality. (READ MORE)


PRESS RELEASE!  OPRE ROMA FESTIVAL - Wednesday April 8 to Sunday April 12, Toronto area
A chance to share our art, our music, and our history with the people of Toronto!
April 8th, 7:30 PM, GALLERY 50, 50 Gladstone Avenue - Romani musicians, artists, storytellers, and youth - FREE


April 12th, 3 PM - 6 PM - Youth Talent Show and Storytelling, slideshow exhibit
                       8 pm - midnight - Robi Botos performs, along with The Gypsy Rebels and Romanyi Rota                      
Tickets are only $20

Contact The Toronto Roma Community Centre for your tickets in advance!  416-824-2434