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Roma Community Centre
1092 Danforth Ave. Suite 5
Toronto, ON
M4J 1M2


We are looking for supporters of our work to pitch in and help support the struggle by becoming a part of our new Sustainable Sponsorship Membership program - 100 new members at $5 per month - this will allow us to help cover some of our operating costs and maintain our community activism work on behalf of the Roma. 

Please donate what you can. Five dollars helps. Ten dollars helps. And if you can afford to give more please do.

For years, the Toronto Roma Community centre have been at the forefront of fighting for Romani refugees and their families to attain dignity, justice, and self-sufficiency here in Canada, while fighting against systemic institutional oppression and negative stereotypes. Each day we are engaged in the fight against unfair immigration policies and widespread racism, and we advocate and seek to change unjust systems that are heavily stacked against the Roma community. 

All of this is carried out on a shoestring budget. Year after year we scrape by on the generosity of our members and supporters, primarily by those who answer our emergency appeals for cash when we are on the brink of laying off staff or closing our office. Our monthly expenses are kept low. We pay our staff what we can, cover basic bills and operate a small office, yet we often run short at covering our expenses.

Our goal is to change all of that.

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Monthly members gain access to events, and will receive, for a limited time only, a free download of the Romani Anthem, Zelem Zelem, as performed by Micheal T. Butch's band, The Gypsy Rebels.



The Toronto Roma Community Centre is committed to:

  • Building community support for Roma in Canada
  • Public education regarding multiculturalism and human rights
  • Partnering with other organizations to work towards common goals


The Roma Community Centre (RCC) works to strengthen and unify Romani people throughout the world in striving for self-determination, social justice, and human rights. We celebrate Roma cultural diversity, history, and achievements.


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International Roma Day


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